ADB PPTA project to help build Tajikistan community resilience vs climate change

PRIMEX, along with two other consulting firms, will implement an ADB project preparation technical assistance (PPTA) that will build the resilience of communities along the Pyanj River Basin in Tajikistan against climate variability and change. This has been identified as a priority by country stakeholders in the extensive consultation that the government of Tajikistan conducted in partnership with ADB and other multilateral institutions since 2009.

The consultant team will prepare a sector development project (SDP) to reduce the adverse effects of climate change on water resources and vulnerable communities in the area. They will engage communities and other organizations working at the field level in a participatory planning process where stakeholders will decide on appropriate interventions. The PPTA will also identify mechanisms for continuing consultation processes that will enable local populations to be part of decision-making process.

The project aims to benefit over a million residents including the poor and women by:

  • improving access to water resources, including irrigation, water supply and water retention systems and technologies;
  • decreasing number of households at risk of droughts and floods, including small scale protection infrastructure, early warning systems, micro financing and micro insurance; and
  • increasing capacity of communities to respond to climate change, including strengthening of institutions and advisory services.

British firm WYG International Ltd associated with another UK firm Met Office and PRIMEX in putting together the winning proposal. PRIMEX mobilized three consultants for this project – Dr. Thamrongsak Moenjak (Procurement Specialist), Miguel D. Lopez (Poverty, Gender and Institutions Development Specialist), and Kaz Nagao (Project Economist).