Dr. Sison to lead the design of ADB’s forest management project in Kalimantan, Indonesia

PRIMEX Director, Dr. Jerome F. Sison, has been engaged by ADB to serve as Project Economist/Team Leader of a design team that will formulate a regional program for the sustainable management of the forest resources and biodiversity in the world’s third largest island of Borneo.

Dr. Sison’s five-month engagement will start on 9 May 2010 and is expected to conclude on 30 September 2010. His main tasks will include the (i) review and assessment of forest policy and institutional frameworks in Indonesia and recommendations on specific policy and institutional reform goals relevant to the Project; (ii) assessment of the capacity and training needs of key stakeholders; and (iii) estimating the costs and benefits of a full-sized project on Sustainable Forest and Biodiversity Management in Borneo, in accordance with the formats of ADB and the Global Environment Facility (GEF), which will provide the bulk of funds for Project implementation.