PRIMEX Consultant to prepare ADB’s health sector publications

PRIMEX Health Consultant Dr. Aguedo Troy Gepte has been engaged by ADB to assist their health Community of Practice (CoP) in preparing the 2010 annual report for the health sector and the ADB health sector coffee table book highlighting activities in the last ten years.

Dr. Gepte will work with the Chair of the Health Community of Practice, and the Lead Health Specialist in the Gender, Social Development, and Civil Society Division (RSGS) of the Regional and Sustainable Department (RSDD). The 2010 annual report of not more than 20 pages will be based on Strategy 2020, the Operational Plan for Health, MDGs, and the Guidelines for Sector and Thematic Reporting approved in October 2009.

The coffee table book of not more than 40 pages will provide representative pictures of various aspects of ADB’s operations in health, with a clear storyline and key information of policy development, projects, and results in the appendices.