Indonesia’s Bappeda and Provincial Marine and Fisheries Service approve four project sites for CTI-SEA

Meeting with Provincial Development Planning Board

Prof. Charles Keppel (Bappeda Advisor), Dr. Noldy Tuerah (Head of North Sulawesi Province Development Planning Board), Prof. Dr. Desy Mantiri (Bappeda Advisor), Mr. Robert Senduk (Marine and Fisheries Staff), Daniel Monintja (DTL) in Manado, North Sulawesi Province (7 Jan 2013)

Bappeda (Regional Development and Planning Agency) and the Provincial Marine and Fisheries Service (MFS) of Indonesia confirmed the project sites for CTI-SEA in Indonesia during the 10-day visit of the Project Management Unit from 6 to 15 January 2013. Mr. Daniel Monintja (Deputy Team Leader), Ms. Anggara Kasih (Climate Change Specialist), and Mr. Muhammad Effendi (GIS Specialist) visited four districts and discussed the scope and activities of each sub-project with the district governments.