PRIMEX staff member to develop water supply and sanitation handbook for ADB

Ms. Lourdes Caballero, PRIMEX Senior Technical Services Assistant

Ms. Lourdes Margarita Caballero, PRIMEX Senior Technical Services Assistant, has been engaged by ADB, through PRIMEX, to prepare a publication entitled, Water Supply and Sanitation – A Handbook for Southeast Asia, for the Southeast Asia Regional Department (SERD). The publication will provide a sound basis for ADB’s policy for supporting and lending for water supply and sanitation projects in Southeast Asia. It will also compile lessons learned from Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam and is expected to be used as a reference material across the region.

Ms. Caballero’s three-month engagement as Communications and Research/Editing Specialist will entail a review of ADB’s investments in the water supply and sanitation sector over the last 10 years, including changes in ADB’s policies related to the sector, as well as draw lessons learned and identify constraints to, and issues in, the implementation of water supply and sanitation projects. In addition, she will assist in summarizing recent improvements and ongoing work in sanitation and sewerage in Viet Nam with the help of ADB’s Principal Urban Development Specialist at the Viet Nam Resident Mission. Ms. Caballero is working with Mr. Arthur McIntosh, former ADB Senior Water Expert, who authored the book, Asian Water Supplies: Reaching the Urban Poor, which was published by the ADB in 2003.

Aside from this assignment, Ms. Caballero is involved as knowledge management specialist in three ADB-supported natural resources management projects on an intermittent basis.